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Since 1985


Welcome to DJjewelryInc.com . An on-line fully functional web based catalog of gold, fancy gold, fine jewelry, beautiful diamonds and color gems. We have a beautiful collection of 14K, 18K in yellow, white and platinum jewelry.

We provide the best that the jewelry industry has to offer. Take a look at our traditional jewelry plus the latest fashions in jewelry.

At DJjewelryInc.com there is something for everyone, our goal is for customers to have the best quality at the right price. Our pride is our customers' satisfaction. Let our years of experience work for you.
Check out our website and experience the excitement of beautiful jewelry.

DJ Jewelry's  website  offers an even more comfortable shopping experience that allows easier access to the merchandise you're looking for. We take pride in offering you our expanded jewelry collection.
DJ Jewelry's longstanding relationship with established global sources of quality goods allows it to provide its clientele with exceedingly competitive margins.
DJ Jewelry primarily supplies the public with certified (GIA & EGL) and non-certified (commercial) stones from its extensive inventory of larger sized loose diamonds.
DJ Jewelry provides beautiful jewelry and custom-designed pieces to the public. For more information about one of our finished pieces or to inquire about your own custom design, Contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.